If you would want to have dynamic images on your internet site, the machine in which you host it must have the appropriate software for this. As an alternative to using static images with a fixed size, you can have thumbnails and automatically resized images based on the device a visitor uses or you can even flip and invert images via a script app. All these things are doable with ImageMagick and GD library - two pieces of software that may be set up on a hosting server and which work with a lot of frequently used scripting languages including: Perl, Python and PHP. Thus, you can use images with any web-based application you want, irrespective of the language it was designed with - a custom-made Perl script or a PHP one. The two libraries will enable you to work with more than a hundred different image formats like GIF, PNG, TIFF, JPEG, and so on.

ImageMagick and GD Library in Cloud Hosting

All Linux cloud hosting that we supply are created on our revolutionary cloud platform and due to the fact that both GD Library and ImageMagick are installed on it, your script apps will be able to use these software suites any time. The libraries are available with all of the PHP versions that we provide because we support PHP 4 and multiple versions of PHP 5, PHP 7 and PHP 8. Regardless if you work with a custom script, one of the applications which you're able to install from the Hepsia Control Panel or some third-party app that you find on the Internet, you will be able to build feature-rich multi-media sites, including image galleries or socially-oriented portals where both you and your users can work with graphs as well as images in real time provided that the script features such options.

ImageMagick and GD Library in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Each and every semi-dedicated server package that we provide features ImageMagick and GD Library support by default. The libraries will be enabled all of the time even if you upgrade the PHP version that is in use by your account, which means that you will not need to re-enable anything manually if you move from PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8 to PHP 4 or vice versa. Provided the script app that you use has built-in options to use pictures and graphs, it will work perfectly on our servers, regardless of whether you've obtained it online, if it's part of the script library that you will be able to access using the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel or if you created it from scratch. When you use our services, you are able to generate multimedia image galleries, portfolio websites or feature-rich social network portals.